A Dutch born Hong Kong Chinese Industrial Designer working in Shanghai

F&M AudioBand Headphone Concept

Date: August 3, 2013 Categories: Design Comments: No Comments Share:

A few months ago I submitted a design entry to the Franklin&Marshall design contest organized by Desall.com , and I am happy to receive a honorable mention as one of the finalists. Also, this design concept has just been featured on the homepage of Coroflot. Thanks for the recognition and encouragement! The idea of this ‘F&M [...]

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5 Tips When Consulting Chinese Clients in the Product Design Business

Date: May 6, 2013 Categories: Design Comments: 4 Comments Share:

Here are 5 quick tips that I would like to share with you. Might be useful if you are new to consulting Chinese clients in the product design consulting business. Most of these can be applied for non Chinese clients as well of course, but I have put this in the context of China and based on my experience. 1) Start with a Good Design Brief: [...]

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5 Characteristics of Typical Chinese Clients

Date: September 22, 2012 Categories: Design Comments: 4 Comments Share:

Here are 5 typical characteristics (generalized and a bit exaggerated though) of Chinese clients who hire a product design consultancy to help them developing a product. 1) They treat consultancies as vendors. A vendor delivers a product after an order. Therefore the client does not expect a process of design iteration. They do not expect [...]

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NEW BLOG: China Design Hub – Quality Designs & News from China

Date: March 1, 2012 Categories: Design Comments: 1 Comment Share:

Hello there, I am glad that I have a new update here that might interest you. I have launched a new blog ChinaDesignHub.com to promote quality designs and news from China. Read more HERE to learn more about the purpose of the site. I hope you like it and I’d appreciate if you could spread the news about it. Cheers, Waikit

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New Life in My Life: Naomi

Date: September 11, 2011 Categories: General Comments: 5 Comments Share:

I am very happy and exciting to announce that I have become father of our first lovely baby girl Naomi Chung. She was born on the 24th of August, weight 3.65 kg, in Shanghai China. My wife and I still need to get used to waking up in the middle of the night and change diapers and give her milk. It’s tiring, but it is worth every minute [...]

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Interviewed by JapanCinema.net

Date: August 7, 2011 Categories: Design Comments: No Comments Share:

2 months ago I had the honor and great pleasure to be interviewed by Marcello Milteer for his beautiful designed Japan Cinema entertainment blog, where he writes about Asian movies and interviews many other Asian creatives. He was especially interested in my design experience here in China. You wear many hats. In your line of business you [...]

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My Fourth Year in Shanghai

Date: November 30, 2010 Categories: Design Comments: 10 Comments Share:

Greetings to the new reader who stumbled on this outdated blog! Another greeting to the very occasional revisiting reader of this non lively blog! It is a shame that I haven’t touched this site for more than a year. Yesterday, I was rechecking this site and reread my own very first posts and I was touched by the motivating comments by [...]

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Ancient Water Towns near Shanghai: Wu Zhen and Xi Tang

Date: August 8, 2009 Categories: General Comments: 8 Comments Share:

During my 2 years stay in Shanghai, I have made 2 one day trips to two ancient water towns, both at around a 2 hour drive distance from Shanghai. The first one was Xi Tang, which I have actually visited it twice, once just with my wife and the other time with my family who came to visit us. Xi Tang became ‘famous’ after Mission [...]

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Freelancing and working on my own small online business

Date: July 24, 2009 Categories: Design Comments: No Comments Share:

What happened after I quit my job? I felt that I needed to do something else to develop myself further in a different way for the time being, as I thought that it was not the right timing to find another design job during the recession. I decided to improve Product Design Forums and Product Design Hub was born out of it to primarily fulfill [...]

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What I have experienced at my first job in Shanghai?

Date: July 15, 2009 Categories: Design Comments: No Comments Share:

Begin January I decided to quit my job at Asentio Design, the design studio where I have been working for 1,5 years. In that period I have learned a lot about industrial design, user interaction design and how to work with Chinese designers and engineers and how to communicate with clients. I worked for international and local clients, such [...]

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